Accidentally deleted a topic, but hadn’t set delete.topic.enable in your file, and need to undo the topic deletion? Just delete the topic deletion in Zookeeper!


Kafka Delete Topic – Every message Apache Kafka receives stores it in log and by default, it keeps the messages for 168 hrs which is 7 days. To delete the topic or all its messages can be done in several ways and the rest of the article explains these.

Among different options, we will use “–alter” and “–add-config”options to temporarily change the retention policy to 1 sec which will delete all messages from a topic. First, let’s run below kafka-configs.shcommand to get the retention value. Verify if the retention p… Deletion of a topic has been supported since 0.8.2.x version. You have to enable topic deletion (setting delete.topic.enable to true) on all brokers first. Note: Ever since 1.0.x, the functionality being stable, delete.topic.enable is by default true.

Kafka delete topic

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Now go to the ‘bin’ directory, where you’ll find a file named ‘’ This is the file we’ll be using to delete a topic. The command to delete a topic is When working with Apache Kafka, there may be a situation when we need to delete data from topick, because e.g. during testing junk data was sent, and we have not yet implemented support for such errors, resulting in the so-called “poison pill” – that is, a record (s) that each time we try to consume from Kafka cause that our processing fails. You can delete Kafka topics by navigating to the Topics page, and using the Delete Topic option from the topic Profile.

Delete topics. In order to delete a topic, your cluster must have been created with the configuration delete.topic.enable=true 

Confirm the topic deletion by typing the topic name and 2021-04-05 2019-05-23 As you may have noticed, --delete will only delete a topic if the topic’s leader broker is available (and can acknowledge the removal). Since the broker 100 is down and currently unavailable the topic deletion has only been recorded in Zookeeper. we do the following steps in order to delete the topic - hgpo.llo.prmt.processed.

Kafka delete topic

A topic can be created by Principal A, then partitions can be added by Client 1, and finally it can be deleted by Principal B. This makes the accounting strange. That would work better if we would have a notion of tenant in Kafka.

Kafka delete topic

To enable it set the server config) delete.topic.enable=true Bug to track: KAFKA-1397 *** The only way to delete a  23 May 2019 Deleting Kafka Topics on Docker.

Kafka delete topic

Click the link for the topic name.
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Kafka delete topic

I will share with You can delete Kafka topics by navigating to the Topics page, and using the Delete Topic option from the topic Profile.. Navigate to the Topics page and select the topic you want to delete.; Click the Profile icon.; Click the Actions button and select Delete Topic.; Confirm that you want to delete the topic.

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How to delete and remove messages and events from a Kafka topic when it is ( compacted) using SQL and

List the topics. If you need you can always create a new topic and write messages to that. But if there is a necessity to delete the topic then you can use the following command to delete the Kafka topic. kafka-topics --zookeeper localhost:2181 --topic test --delete.

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